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ACET book: Paratransit in Africa Cities
Published: SEPTEMBER 10, 2015
Paratransit in African Cities is now available to order through Routledge. Edited by Roger Behrens, Dorothy McCormick and David Mfinanga, the book showcases the VREF-funded research on paratransit that ACET conducted in collaboration with practitioners in the field. Click here for more on the book’s contents and for ordering information.

New Francophone master programme
Published: AUGUST 3, 2015
Senghor University of Alexandria, CNAM, EAMAU and CODATU will launch a new Francophone master programme on 15 September 2015. The programme is entitled “Transport and Sustainable Mobility in African cities” and will be offered through EAMAU (the African School of Architecture and Urbanism Trades) in Lome, Togo. For more information click here.

Paratransit reform
Published: MARCH 12, 2014
Launching in 2014: ACET research project on the development and testing of paratransit regulatory and operational alternatives in the urban Sub-Saharan African context

Public transport integration
Published: MARCH 12, 2014
Launching in 2014: ACET-UC Berkeley research project on user perspectives and case studies of paratransit and BRT integration in the developing world

Pedestrian-safe public transport
Published: MARCH 12, 2014
Launching in 2014: ACET-TRIPP research project on pedestrian-safe public transport systems in India and South Africa